5 Key Benefits of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in Orange County

1. Low Voltage Landscape Lighting accents the unique landscape and architectural features of your home and yard

A.   Landscape Lighting accents architectural features

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The front of a home is where  Landscape Lighting can truly make dramatic architectural statements. Pillars, columns, turrets, custom stonework, dramatic entrances, and custom doors are all important features that should not disappear at night. A properly designed landscape lighting system will greatly enhance these features. Landscape lighting will create visual highlights and texture and can make the home look more elegant in the evening time.

5 Key Benefits of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in Orange County 2
This is why Architectural Digest and many high-end home builders photograph beautiful homes in the nighttime. An artistically designed landscape lighting system adds beauty and distinction to any home’s appearance.

 B. Landscape Features

5 Key Benefits of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in Orange County 3
Landscape features such as specimen trees, color in planters and expansiveness of yards can always be enhanced with custom Landscape lighting. Area down lighting from trees (Moonlighting), can be a very dramatic way to provide natural looking ambient light. Also one can increase the overall expanse of the yard by illuminating trees on greenbelts, surrounding slopes or even the back of neighbor’s trees. This is what I call “ FREE REAL ESTATE LIGHTING” Since 1988 it has NEVER been a problem with HOA’s or neighbors’.


2. Landscape Lighting creates safety and security.

Eliminate safety hazards by lighting steps and walkways with step and path lights. Steps and walkways are made safe with the proper implementation of step lighting, path lighting or moonlighting.

Make your home less inviting for uninvited guests. A home with creative and dramatic outdoors and landscape lighting creates an important side benefit of security. It has been proven that proper outdoor lighting is a great deterrent to intruders.

3. Landscape Lighting expands interior living spaces

In areas such as kitchens and dining rooms, create custom landscape paintings by illuminating unique features outside windows and glass doors. The back and side yards can become and an extension of the interior living spaces.

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A critical part of a landscape lighting design is how it is viewed experienced from inside the house. With the proper design and placement of landscape lighting fixtures, the landscape becomes part of the interior visual environment. These lighting fixtures are some of the most important parts of the lighting design due to it is viewed from the inside on a regular basis.

4. Landscape Lighting increase utilization of backyard for relaxing and entertaining

Backyards have become extra living space. Fireplaces, BBQs, Fire pits, sinks, ice makers and large screen TVs have become commonplace in larger residential landscapes.

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String Patio Lighting

With more attention and time being spent on the exterior, outdoor lighting becomes even more critical for full utilization and enjoyment of these outdoor living spaces.

5. Be green by utilizing energy saving Landscape Lighting

We utilize energy saving outdoor lights and lighting components such as low voltage LED lighting, Low voltage lighting, HID lighting, and occasionally solar lights. Illuminated Concepts also uses astronomical timers that; automatically adjust for varying sunsets times and adjusts for daylight savings time change. This also saves the wasted energy used due to timers not correctly set for the current season.


Energy efficient LED Low Voltage Landscape Lighting by Illuminated Concepts Inc.