Tips for Creating Best Landscape Lighting

 In this article, we’ll show you how to create a beautiful outdoor space with best landscape lighting that is also well lit. This means the following:

 -Designing your porch or patio so it receives tons of natural light

 -Making sure there is enough shade for those hot summer days

 – Adding color and life with plants and decor!

nature view landscape lighting

Nature view landscape lighting

 #1 Designing your Outdoor Space to Receive Tons of Natural Light

 The more natural light you can bring into your space, the better! Start by making sure you have generous overhangs on your deck or porch. Good overhangs will give at least 18 inches on either side of the railings. If your deck is one level with no steps, this is especially important because you want to allow at least 36 inches between the edge of any planting beds and the railing itself. This will ensure there are no areas in which visitors can’t easily walk around. 

If outdoor living spaces are too dark, they won’t be used nearly as much – especially in hot summer months when people want to hang out outside most. To increase natural light, you can also add skylights or other windows to the roof of your porch. This is a great idea if you have an enclosed porch without any windows.

 When designing outdoor spaces, remember that all people and pets will need to be able to move around and avoid potential hazards. You don’t want things like low-hanging branches or shrubs blocking the path!

  #2 Making Outdoor Spaces Comfortable with Shade

 Some spaces just naturally receive less sun than others. If your patio has no overhangs, it’s important to make sure there are at least some areas in which visitors can escape from the sun if they need to (we’ll talk more about this later on).

 Whether you want areas in the shade or not will depend on your climate. In places with very hot summers, an east-west orientation is best for outdoor living spaces because it provides a more shaded feel throughout the day. A north-south orientation works just as well if you have a large overhang that allows lots of shade. 

 In places with milder summers, however, anything north of the west is fine. This creates a great open feeling without creating too much shade. However, this won’t work so well in cool climates where people enjoy spending time outdoors at night!

 Here’s another example: if your outdoor space has no roof and faces south or west, it might be beneficial to plant deciduous trees along the south or west side of the property. This will allow more sun in during the summer months, while also keeping your outdoor space shaded in winter. This solution works well if your neighborhood is particularly windy.

  #3 Adding Plants and Decor to Create a Unique Outdoor Space 

There are so many ways to add color and life to your outdoor living spaces! Here are just a few ideas:

 -Plant an array of flowers that bloom at different times throughout the year

– this ensures something is always blooming! 

– Use climbing vines like wisteria to create instant shade around your deck or porch 

– Add some potted trees or other tall plants for additional shade on hot days If you have children, consider using low-maintenance plants and flowers.

 And that’s it! With these tips for how to design your porch or patio so it receives tons of natural light, but also has enough shade for those hot summer days, we hope we’ve inspired you to create an outdoor living space you can enjoy with friends and family for years to come.

Tips for Creating Best Landscape Lighting that Land Light

Tips for Creating Best Landscape Lighting that Land Light

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