15 Magnificent Ideas for Using Bistro Lights Wedding Reception

Bistro lights are perfect for wedding receptions. Not only do they provide a warm, intimate atmosphere, but they’re also a great way to add some extra glamor to your big day. Whether you choose to hang them from the ceiling or place them on the tables, bistro lights wedding reception will help make it unforgettable.

Gamble laguna beach shadow arch feature

Gamble laguna beach shadow arch feature

Here are 15 magnificent ideas for using bistro lights wedding reception:

  1. Hang them from the ceiling: Light up your reception space with warm, intimate lighting by hanging bistro lights from the ceiling. Whether you go for a modern look using mason jars and rustic string lights or something more classic such as elegant chandeliers and crystal teardrop lights , these versatile fixtures will be sure to impress your guests and help create an unforgettable atmosphere.
  2. Place them on the tables: If you want some extra ambiance without taking up too much floor space, try placing bistro lights around the perimeter of your reception venue. This way, guests will be able to enjoy them from all angles while also having plenty of space for dancing and mingling!
  3. Create light-up centerpieces: Wedding centerpieces are often criticized for being too generic, but thanks to bistro lighting you can create a centerpiece that is both unique and beautiful. Alternatively, you could try using glass bead strands instead of individual tealights for an even more cohesive look.
  4. Use hanging candle holders: Colored or clear glass hurricanes or lanterns hung from the ceiling or branches can add a pretty, radiant touch to your reception space. Use these hanging candle holders in lieu of standard chandeliers and votives to create a truly magical atmosphere for your guests.
  5. Try vintage-style lights: If you’re looking for an extra-special lighting option, go for vintage-style bistro lights. With their bright yellowed glass shades and simple lines, these classic fixtures are guaranteed to add instant charm to any reception venue.
  6. Use strands of tiny white lights: Although they’re often used as Christmas lights, we think that tiny white lights can be just as beautiful at your wedding reception. Hang them from trees and flower vases to create a romantic glow for your dance floor and tabletops , or wrap them around mason jars for lovely luminarias.
  7. Add lanterns: Try using small paper lanterns suspended above tables or larger metallic ones hanging from tree branches to transform your reception space into an ethereal wonderland.
  8. Customize them with ribbon or string: Try adding small tags with notes for each guest, attaching floral arrangements, or wrapping a strip of fabric around the wire frame to turn your humble light fixture into a one-of-a-kind piece of art.
  9. Use colored bulbs: You can pick from a wide variety of colors at most lighting shops — just be sure to test out different shades to see what looks best in person before settling on one.
  10. Try textured, patterned bulbs: In addition to solid colors, you can also find bistro lights with fun patterns on the bulbs themselves. If you prefer a more elegant look, go for dark shades of brown or black that will add a touch of vintage charm to your venue’s design.
  11. Use them in combination with other lighting: Position traditional white chandeliers and votives over the dance floor while suspending colored lanterns from light stands and hanging metallic orbs from tree branches above tables and seating areas.
  12. String them along the ceiling: Another great option for larger reception spaces is to suspend strands of bistro lights from the ceiling in a column or along an aisle.
  13. Hang them so they look like lanterns: This romantic look can be achieved with nothing but string and wire! String together several small bistro lights and hang them from tree branches, light stands, or flower vases to achieve a warm, structured form. If you’re having trouble balancing long strings of lights, try hanging them from a wire or suspending them from an old ladder.
  14. Hang several strands vertically: Since they’re short enough to fit in the crooks of the tree branches, these whimsical strands will add drama to your wedding ceremony without overcrowding furniture or interfering with views.
  15. Use battery-powered ones: We’d like to remind you that bistro lights can also be battery-operated! If it’s not practical for you to plug in several strands of lights or string them along the ceiling, use small solar powered lanterns instead.
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