Illuminated Concepts is keeping the lights on. During these uncertain and turbulent times due to the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, there are many questions and uncertainties.

Illuminated Concepts has had to temporarily reduce our staff but we decided to still stay open. We would like our clients to know that we are still here to serve our family of existing clients and also future clients. We’re keeping the lights on.

We are not just a company that designs and beautifies your home and yard with custom outdoor lighting solutions, but our lighting also provides an additional benefit of safety and security.

Being at home is something we all have to do more in the weeks to come, why not enjoy extended interior views of your yard and also enjoy family time in the backyard with beautiful custom outdoor landscape lighting.

Outdoor landscape lighting creating safety during these times.

Illuminated Concepts is taking all precautions to make you feel secure and safe. We can provide you our lighting services without you having to come out of your home, we will call, text or email you with updates about your lighting project.
Our staff makes it a daily practice to sanitize trucks, office surfaces and wear gloves to minimize any chance of spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Our expert team of lighting technicians can come and illuminate your private resort and which provides the added benefit of security. A well-lit home is always more secure. We’re keeping the lights on.

We are still working with new clients to help them in the process, we have the ability to discuss the proposal with screen sharing, email or over the phone to make everyone safe and comfortable in this difficult time.

If you have any lighting questions or want to discuss any of your lighting needs and concerns please call us at 949-455-9914.

We hope and pray that we all get through these times quickly and safely.

Thank you,
Chuck Evans
President, Illuminated Concepts