5 Major Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting

1. Save green by going green. LED landscape lighting systems dramatically reduce the impact on the environment due to the savings in energy and installation costs. LED outdoor lighting systems use much less copper wire, smaller transformers, and no lamp replacements. It helps save the environment while not sacrificing economic value.

2. LED Lamps have a longer lifespan.

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3. LED outdoor lighting is the safest form of lighting. LED landscape lighting produces very little heat compared to halogen landscape lights. The landscape fixture is only slightly warm to the touch compared to halogen 12-volt landscape lights can cause burns to people, pets, or plants.

4. LED lamps can withstand bumps and knocks. LED bulbs don’t have delicate filaments, which damage due to movement of the fixture during maintenance or rough gardeners.

5. LED Fixtures come with optics that accurately control light output.


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