Update Your Lighting Technology and SAVE

Update your outdoor lighting to LED Lights

Changing to LED outdoor lighting technology doesn’t necessarily mean changing all the existing lighting fixtures.

LED technology is making improvements every year. Now it’s possible to change out existing halogen bulbs to LED bulbs. In many projects, instead of changing out all the existing landscape fixtures, we can do an LED retrofit.

When does it make sense to retrofit the existing outdoor lighting system to LED?

If existing lighting fixtures at a project are either brass or copper and in good condition, we can usually retrofit these fixtures to LED. However, if the lighting fixtures are of low quality such as box store brands: like Malibu, Toro, Hampton Bay, etc., it is not worth spending good money for bad. Even professional brands of landscape lighting fixtures that are cast aluminum are not worth retrofitting to LED. Why put a 15-20 year LED landscape lamp in fixtures that could corrode out in few years. During that initial evaluation, we make suggestions to upgrade the outdoor lighting design up to our standards. Usually, existing lighting systems are missing many key lighting design elements if the lighting system has not been maintained properly, changes to compensate for plant growth, and other landscape changes since the original outdoor lighting installation.

The LED outdoor lighting retrofit and maintenance process

  1. Determine if landscape light fixtures should be moved to a more advantageous place.
  2. Examine lighting fixture to see if internal components socket hardware needs replacing. The old halogen lamps get VERY hot and often damage the socket, gasket, and other elements.
  3. We then will replace any damaged items of existing fixtures.
  4. Install proper LED bulb, which means correct wattage and beam spread. 
  5. Clean the lens and body of the fixture.
  6. Focus fixture.
  7. Smile because we have just enhanced the overall effect and extended the life of this lighting system for another 10-15 plus years.

Outdated Outdoor Lighting