Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up outdoor landscape lighting?

Outdoor lighting is most optimal when it is configured around existing features, such as unique architectural features, landscape features, walkways, fountains, staircases, BBQ areas and patios areas in your outdoor space. You can plan this yourself or have a professional outdoor lighting designer to do this for you. A professional outdoor lighting designer will present many creative ideas you may have never thought of. Check out the lighting gallery to see some of your outdoor lighting options.

How to install LED strip lights?

Start with a plan of where you want to install the lights, First, you have to know if it is feasible. Usually, it is incorporated with hardscape features so preplanning preparations is essential. including the size, power, and color of the lights. Cut the strips to the appropriate length and use connectors to keep them placed. Then, affix the lights using the adhesive strip. First you should consult a outdoor lighting contractor or hardscape contractor to make sure it is done correctly.[gallery_image_1]/7

How long do LED lights last?

Most LED lights are rated to last fro 30,000-50,000 hours. Divide this number er of hours per day to find out howmany days or years you can expect the lights to last.

How to set up patio string lights?

You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to patio string lights. You can hang them around the edges of your patio, or string them across your patio or lawn space.
String lighting is not as simple as people think. You have to consider structure attachments, cable support and how to provide power to the string lights.

Where to buy outdoor string lighting?

String lighting can often be bought at many popular hardware stores, but for the highest quality products, speak to your outdoor lighting experts for recommendations.

How to choose a landscape lighting design?

Your landscape lighting will largely depend on the features you have in your outdoor areas. A professional lighting designer should open up creative possibilities that you may never thought of. You can enhance certain areas with the right type of outdoor lighting. See lighting idea gallery and link below.