LED Landscape Lighting Installation

Why do we install LED landscape lighting for homes and business? LED landscape lighting technology has made many advances over the past decade. The hottest products in the lighting field are without question, LED lighting fixtures and bulbs. Now with new technology, LED outdoor lighting in Orange County now has many major advantages over traditional landscape lighting fixtures. Huge energy savings and very long lamp life, to name a few benefits.

LED Landscape Lighting Installation for Orange County and Los Angeles homes 1

Moonlighting at this Tustin Ranch home brings drama and safety to the front entrance area. LED lighting offers many different design options.



1. LED lighting saves South Orange County residences up to to 80% in lighting energy costs.

LED fixtures and bulbs have a higher cost than traditional incandescent, halogen or CFL bulbs, so the use of LED lamps does not always make economic sense. To have a beneficial ROI (return on investment) the LED lamps should be used on a regular basis for at least 3-4 hour per day. Using an LED fixtures or bulbs for a table lamp, hall light, or any other lights that are not used on a regular basis might not make economic cents (a play on words). However, LED lighting can reap large benefits if the lights are turned on all night or for many hours per day. This is definitely the case for exterior landscape lighting in Orange County


2. LED lighting greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Lamp replacement maintenance costs for LED is substantially less than other light sources. LED bulbs and landscape fixtures can have a lamp life from 30,000 to 50,000 hours. For an example, if a LED fixture runs every night for 6 hours this fixture will last 14-22 years…WOW. This is approximately 10 times the lamp life of other traditional light sources. In instances where maintenance and a bulb replacement are difficult or costly, it makes sense to use LED lamp sources. Some example is very high ceilings, exterior roof or facade illumination, and underwater lighting. Getting safe access to some these location very often is impractical and requires special lifts or scaffolding.

3. LED lights are smaller in size produce much less heat.

LED lights sources are much smaller and cooler than traditional lights sources. These smaller and cooler fixtures, broaden the scope of illumination applications. The photo below shows custom microlights in the peaks of this home.

LED Landscape Lighting Installation for Orange County and Los Angeles homes 2

4. Being green and environmentally conscious.

LED light sources are much more environmentally friendly than traditional lighting fixtures. First, the 80% energy savings, Secondly the 10 fold reduction in lamp replacements have a significant beneficial impact in on our environment. Also what is being touted as environmentally friendly CFL ( compact fluorescent lamps, the twisted glass looking bulbs) actually contain toxic mercury and lead, hmmm are these bulbs environmentally friendly?

LED lighting myths—BUSTED

Practical uses for LED outdoor lighting in Orange County and LA

  1. Orange County landscape and outdoor lighting fixtures operate on a daily basis for 6-12 hrs per day.
  2. Interior lighting that is used on a regular basis in which the energy savings can justify the LED cost.
  3. Kitchens and places of energy restrictions due to new building codes.
  4. Fixtures that are hard or almost impossible to access, Very high ceilings, exterior towers, and facades, underwater or fountain lights.
  5. Locations where the small size of fixture and wires are critical.
  6. Locations where the excessive heat of traditional incandescent or halogen fixtures would create hazards or damage property.
  7. Any locations where being environmentally conscious is important. Copy (2) of Copy of jone BBQ umbreall resize


Illuminated Concepts Inc. specializes in the design and installation of LED outdoor lighting system in Orange County and in LA. We will provide you with a custom LED lighting design that will truly enhance your home while saving you thousands of dollars in energy and maintenance costs over the life of the system. Some of the locations that have benefited from our LED outdoor lighting are Newport Coast, Shady Canyon, Coto De Caza, South Orange County, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Beach, Irvine, New Port Beach, Yorba Linda, and San Clemente. Call us today and schedule a free outdoor lighting consultation and evaluation.


By Chuck Evans