Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation in San Clemente

This beautiful San Clemente home, located at Sea Point Estates, needed an outdoor landscape lighting overhaul for the upcoming wedding reception. Illuminated Concepts utilized existing brass landscape lighting fixtures and adding, approximately 50, new brass fixtures to properly accent the unique architectural and landscape features of this fine home.

LED retrofits are a great choice vs. installing an entirely new outdoor lighting system.

Outdoor Lighting

We can maintain, repair, convert to LED, and move existing fixtures to proper locations.

I have found that most existing lighting systems have not been installed by lighting professionals, so there are often huge design gaps in the existing outdoor landscape lighting system.

We can add new fixtures to existing outdoor landscape lighting systems and completely transform the look of your outdoor landscaping. I can save my clients thousands of dollars with this LED retrofit and fixture addition plan.

Why throw away quality brass and copper fixtures when they can be upgraded to LED?

Orange County landscape lighting

Uplighting and downlighting on the Sego Palm

This project had to be ready for an upcoming wedding reception for almost 200 people. I asked my client how the wedding went and he said “the lights were exquisite and the guest raved about the lighting”

This is why I am in this business.

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