LED Outdoor Lighting

3 LED Outdoor Lighting Myths Busted

Myth #1 a  bluish light which is unflattering and cold looking.


LED lighting technology can actually produce any color imaginable. Today’s TVs are made from LEDs. Illuminated Concepts uses LED outdoor lighting fixtures that produce warm color tones, enhancing stone and brick. People also look more natural in this pleasant warm light.

Myth #2 LED outdoor lighting cannot produce the Lumens (light output) than traditional outdoor landscape lighting fixtures can.


LED outdoor lighting is now being used to light up high rise buildings, bridges, and monuments. The high lumen output and versatility of color control make LED outdoor lighting technology a perfect choice for these applications. LED lighting is now used extensively in stage lighting. I wish they had LED lighting back when I was doing stage lighting in N.Y.

Myth #3 LED outdoor lighting is more expensive than a 12-volt landscape lighting system.

A 12-volt outdoor lighting system will never pay for itself, yet LED landscape lighting can. The 80% electrical and maintenance savings quite often offset the entire cost of an LED outdoor lighting system. Also since LED landscape lighting is so efficient, fewer transformers and less cable are needed, thus reducing installation costs.

By Chuck Evans