LED landscape lighting installation for Orange County and Los Angeles homes

Why do we install LED landscape lighting for homes and business. LED landscape lighting technology has made many advances over the past decade. The hottest products in the the lighting field are with out question, LED lighting fixtures and bulbs. Now with new technology , LED outdoor lighting in Orange County now has many major advantages over traditional landscape lighting fixtures. Huge energy savings and a very long lamp life, to name a few benefits.

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Moon lighting at this Coto De Caza home brings drama and safety to the front entrance area. LED lighting offers many different design options.



1. LED lighting saves South Orange County residences up to to 80% in lighting energy costs.

LED fixtures and bulbs have a higher cost than traditional incandescent, halogen or CFL bulbs ,so the use of LED lamps does not always make economic sense. To have a beneficial ROI (return on investment) the LED lamps should be used on a regular basis for at least 3-4 hour per day. Using an LED fixtures or bulbs for a table lamp, hall light, or any other lights that are not used on a regular basis might not make economic cents (play on words). However LED lighting can reap large benefits if the the lights are turned on all night or for many hours per day. This is definitely the case for exterior landscape lighting in Orange County.Low Voltage landscape lighting Installation, low voltage lighting design, outdoor lighting contractor orange county


2. LED lighting greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Lamp replacement maintenance costs for LED is substantially less than other light sources. LED bulbs and landscape fixtures can have a lamp life from 30,000 to 50,000 hours. For and example if a LED fixtures runs every night for 6 hours this fixture will last 14-22 years…WOW. This is approximately 10 times the lamp life of other traditional light sources. In instances where maintenance and a bulb replacement are difficult or costly, it makes sense to use LED lamp sources. Some example are very high ceilings, exterior roof or facade illumination and underwater lighting. Getting safe access to some these location very often is impractical and requires special lifts or scaffolding.

3. LED lights are smaller in size produce much less heat.

LED lights sources are much smaller and cooler than traditional lights sources. These smaller and cooler fixtures, broaden the scope of illumination applications

4. Being green and environmentally conscious.

LED light sources are much more environmentally friendly than traditional lighting fixtures. First, the 80% energy savings, Secondly the 10 fold reduction in lamp replacements has a significant beneficial impact in on our environment. Also what is being touted as environmentally friendly CFL ( compact florescent lamps, the the twisted glass looking bulbs) actually contain toxic mercury and lead, hmmm are these bulbs environmentally friendly?

LED lighting myths—BUSTED

Practical uses for LED outdoor lighting in Orange County and LA

  1. Orange county landscape and outdoor lighting fixtures operate on a daily basis for 6-12 hrs per day.
  2. Interior lighting that is used on a regular basis in which the energy savings can justify the LED cost.
  3. Kitchens and places of energy restrictions due to new building codes.
  4. Fixtures that are hard or almost impossible to access , Very high ceilings, exterior towers and facades, underwater or fountain lights.
  5. Locations where small size of fixture and wires are critical.
  6. Locations where the excessive heat of traditional incandescent or halogen fixtures would create hazards or damage property.
  7. Any locations where being environmentally conscious is important. Copy (2) of Copy of jone BBQ umbreall resize


Illuminated Concepts Inc. specializes in the design and installation of LED outdoor lighting system in Orange County and in LA. We will provide you with a custom LED lighting design that will truly enhance your home, while saving you thousands of dollars in energy and maintenance costs over the life of the system. Some of the locations that have benefited from our LED outdoor lighting are Newport Coast, Shady Canyon,Coto De Caza, South Orange County ,San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Beach,Irvine, New Port Beach, Yorba Linda, and San Clemente. Call us today and schedule a free outdoor lighting consultation and evaluation.


By Chuck Evans

3 LED Outdoor Lighting Myths Busted

3 LED Outdoor Lighting Myths Busters

Myth #1 a  bluish light which is unflattering and cold looking.


LED lighting technology can actually produce any color imaginable. Today’s TVs are made from LEDs. Illuminated Concepts uses LED landscape lighting fixtures that produce warm color tones, enhancing stone and brick. People also look more natural in this pleasant warm light.


Myth #2 LED outdoor lighting cannot produce the Lumens (light output) that traditional outdoor landscape lighting fixtures can.


LED lighting is now being used to light up high rise buildings, bridges and monuments. The high lumen output and versatility of color control make LED outdoor lighting technology a perfect choice for these applications. LED lighting is now used extensively in stage lighting. I wish they had LED lighting back when I was doing stage lighting in N.Y.


Myth #3 LED landscape lighting is more expensive than a 12 volt landscape lighting system.

A 12 volt landscape lighting system will never pay for itself, yet LED landscape lighting can. The 80% electrical and maintenance savings quite often offset the entire cost of an LED outdoor lighting system. Also since LED landscape lighting is so efficient, fewer transformers and less cable are needed, thus reducing installation costs.

By Chuck Evans

7 Major Benefits of LED landscape Lighting



1. LED landscape lighting can save up to 80% in outdoor lighting energy costs, saving you $100s or even $1000s per year.

2. LED Lamp replacement is almost nonexistent. This reduces the lighting maintenance costs to almost zero. LED landscape lamps last up to 40,000 hours (that’s 21 years at 5 hours per day) WOW!


3. LED outdoor lighting is the cutting edge lighting technology. Why install an outdoor lighting system that utilizes old inefficient technology?

4. LED outdoor lighting is the safest form of lighting. LED landscape lighting produces very little heat compared to halogen landscape lights. The landscape fixture is only slightly warm to the touch ware as halogen 12 volt landscape lights can cause burns to people, pets or plants.

5. $ave green by going green. LED landscape lighting systems dramatically reduce the impact on the environment due to the big savings in energy and installation costs. LED outdoor lighting systems use much less copper wire, smaller transformers and basically no lamp replacements. Its helps saves the environment while not sacrificing economic value.

6. LED lamps able to withstand bumps and knocks ,Unlike incandescent the lamps, LED bulbs don’t have delicate filaments which can be damaged due to movement of fixture during maintenance or rough gardeners.

7. LED Fixtures come with optics which accurately control light output.



By Chuck Evans

How to Hire a Landscape Lighting Contractor

The best landscape lighting installation contractors in the OC, LA and San Diego do the following….

What to look for in hiring an outdoor lighting contractor. Landscape Lighting can truly set your home apart from the crowd and give you many extra hours of night enjoyment. Landscape lighting can turn your home into a show place while also creating an inviting atmosphere for your family and friends to enjoy relaxing evenings at home. In my 25 years of Landscape Lighting Design and installation I have seen many outdoor lighting systems that do not achieve the desired results of homeowners. I have had to totally redo many outdoor lighting system. This unfortunate waist of money and frustration of a home owner could be avoided if they asked their lighting contractor a few simple important questions. such as.

20 things a outdoor lighting contractor should have or be in Orange County and Southern CA

  1. Is the Outdoor landscape lighting contractor familiar with the state of the art LED lighting systems.
  2. Can the Lighting installation contractor provide spread sheets of the  estimated savings that an outdoor LED lighting can save you?
  3. Does the lighting contractor have landscape lighting experience?. Make sure they have landscape lighting design and installation experience. Not that they installed a Malibu’s system on a few of their other projects. I have seen expensive outdoor lighting systems installed by licensed electrician that were dangerous and voltage drop so great that it took the electricity 2 seconds to activate fixtures after it was turned on…. Yes that’s right 2 seconds and this was in a 3 million dollar house.
  4. Make sure that they are Licensed in the right category for outdoor lighting we have a c-10 electrical license.
  5. Do they have references dealing with outdoor lighting?
  6. Do they have all the necessary licenses and insurances ?
  7. Do they offer fixtures that are durable and will withstand the harsh exterior elements? Many landscape lighting manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty?
  8. Do they use stainless steel transformers and have multiple voltage taps for longer lighting runs?

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    Landscape lighting Installation in Southern California

  9. Do they have photographs of actual projects they have done and not photos off a web site or from a landscape lighting fixture catalog?
  10. Do they understand creative lighting and design?
  11. We sell creative lighting effects not just landscape lighting fixtures.
  12. Do they have your best interest in mind or are they just trying to sell fixtures to drive up the price. We will even talk clients out of fixtures if we don’t feel it serves a practical or artistic purpose. It’s all about value.
  13. Outdoor lighting installations in OC and LA require attention to detail
  14. Do they understand Ohms law and how it affects voltage drops and lighting effects?
  15. Have they been in business for a while? What is their track record and experience? We have been designing ,installing and repairing outdoor lighting systems since 1988.
  16. Do they offer follow up maintenance or service or do they install the landscape lighting system and leave you in the dark (no pun intended) If there is a problem down the line will they be available to provide service? Maintenance and repairs is a big part of a landscape lighting professional lighting business.
  17. If you have an existing system with quality lighting fixtures and low voltage transformers, will they try to incorporate them into your new outdoor lighting system or just try to sell you everything new (note fixtures and transformers in most existing systems are not adequate but some times they are and we are happy to reuse what we can if it doesn’t comprises the quality of the outdoor lighting design and installation.
  18. Do they bury the cable at least 6-8 inches below the surface.
  19. Are the connections at all the lights crimped with copper sleeves and inserted in a waterproof cap?
  20. Is Outdoor lighting and landscape lighting a passion of theirs?

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    Moon lighting in this Coto de Caza home

    LED Landscape lighting for homes in Orange County and Los Angeles has to be creative and innovative

A true lighting professional will address all these issues. This simple list of questions could of saved many homeowners thousands and thousands of dollars. Don’t proceed with landscape lighting until you have asked these important questions. Knowledge is power.

for any questions about creative outdoor lighting call the professionals at  949-455-9914 and we would be happy to illuminate the possibilities.


By Chuck Evans

Architectural Outdoor Lighting in Orange County

Outdoor lighting  makes is most dramatic effects by accenting  custom architecture features of Orange County homes. Dramatic and tasteful outdoor lighting doesnt just mean landscape lighting , its a complete dramatic bathing of tasteful accents to critical areas. Impressive homes  in OC and LA are set apart from the rest  becasue its unique  architectural features are enhanced with creative lighting. “DONT LEAVE YOUR INVESTMENT IN THE DARK ”  LA lighting and oclights will make the difference.

By Chuck Evans

How to have great Christmas Lighting , 5 great tips for Orange County homes

Orange County Christmas lighting project

Orange County Christmas Lighting Design Offer


Planning Christmas Lighting Instalation for Orange County


Over the last 20 years, Orange County Christmas lighting  has become an art form. Christmas lighting is not just large multi colored c-9 bulbs strung across the front of the house. Now with the advent of  digital timers, controllers and LED lights the design options are endless. In this article I will mainly focus on some basic Christmas Lighting considerations that can make a home look  inviting for guests and fun for the kids. The following tips are a guide in process of having a successful Holiday lighting for all to enjoy.


1. OC Christmas lighting with a purpose

Decide who is the lighting intended for? Many times my clients want to have their home look elegant and festive for their Christmas parties and or family coming in from out of town for the holidays. For holiday guests and parties, lighting on the front of the home creates the most impact.However if  the primary purpose for the Christmas lighting is for the children, colors and sparkle add to their excitement of the Christmas season .


2.Design- What type of Christmas lighting design should I have?

The front of the house is always the main focal point and create the most dramatic effect . Accenting the eve lines of a home  and around windows and doors can often achieve this effect. To broaden the over all Holiday lighting scene, trees and bushes can be sprinkled with mini lighting creating an winter wounder land. The front door and entry area are vital areas to consider because this is where guests and party goers enter the home. Having wreaths and Garland with lights draped around the front door make any entry way look warm and inviting.

If your having holiday parties you should also consider what can be viewed form inside the house . Adding  clear mini lights on trees, bushes will add a more festive look from inside the home. Using large clear c-9 lights on patio and deck areas can also create general illumination for festive outdoor enjoyment . The biggest benefits  illuminating back patio areas is you can enjoy the holiday look of the Christmas lights all season long. The magical look doesnt disappear as soon as you enter you house.

If Christmas lighting is primary for your children colored lights seem to give that extra dazzle that kids enjoy. Also lights in motion and animated figurines create an added magical experience for children during the holidays.


3. Christmas lighting safety – Safety first

Don’t ruin your holidays with injury or fire.  The two main risks of injuries are caused by falling of roofs or ladders during the installation.  Improper electrical practices may also cause fires. These two thing alone cause many injuries and deaths per year. In

juries can be avoided by utilizing common sense and following the guide lines of  the proper use of ladders. The ladders all have labels on their proper use and limitations. Never stand on the top rungs of any step ladder or extension ladder. Always make sure that the ladder is on solid level ground. Never install in wet conditions .

For electrical safety basics you should  follow the limitations and instructions on the box of lights. Make sure the lights are UL approved for exterior use. It is very important to not put too many lights on any string of lights , extension cord, timers or adaptors. Before you connect any of these it is essential to know the electrical limitation of all component of your Christmas lighting display. If using staples be VERY careful to NOT put a staple through any lighting or electrical cord, this can cause dangerous electrical shorts. Shingle and gutter clips are a good way to avoid this problem.


4. Orange County Holiday lighting installation .

After having some basic ideas its time to plan for installation time. The Holiday lighting season is generally  from Thanksgiving to New Years Day. I always suggest to get the lights up early to guarantee full use of Christmas lights. When using a professional lighting service it is very important to commit early before their schedule is full. What I always say is you can have the lights installed before Thanksgiving but you and turn them on any time after that.

5.Orange County Christmas lighting  Removal

January 1st is normally when the Christmas lighting displays are deactivated and removed shortly afterwards. In Orange County many HOAs require Christmas lights be removed shortly after the 1st of the year.

The removal of lights is much easier than installation but still can be dangerous if not performed in a safe  manor. When wrapping the strings of lights start with the female plug end so that once the string of lights is coiled up it can be easily plugged in and checked the following season .

These are some basic guidelines to get full enjoyment  your Christmas lighting in Orange County, We also creatively design and install LED landscape lighting. This can also add much value and utilization to your home and yard. Outdoor lighting can truly transform your home or estate into a mini-resort. For any other questions on Christmas lighting  or any other exterior lighting ,just call Illuminated Concepts Inc. at 949-455-9914. We are  located in Orange County in  Laguna Hills CA . also visit  visit us on the web at www.oclights.com

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By Chuck Evans

OC Christmas lighting, design and installations

Why hire an experienced OC Christmas Lighting Design and installation company

Since the late 80’s Orange County CA has been the leader in the formation of Christmas Lighting installation companies and OC Christmas lighting services have been growing ever since. Illuminated Concepts Inc. was there from the start. In 1988 we did our first outdoor lighting installations out of the back of a 10 year old Toyota Cressida station wagon. The following year we rented the back of a warehouse and started providing Christmas Lighting design and installation services on a larger scale. During our long history I have seen many companies offer unsatisfactory services to customers in Orange County. What lighting services should a reputable Orange County Christmas Lighting company provide?

Orange County Christmas Lighting Design

The OC Christmas lighting company should have experience and example of creative Holiday lighting displays that they have successfully completed. Ask to see photos of there work.

OC Christmas Lighting installation

The Orange County Holiday lighting company should have expertise in safe installation practices and electrical knowledge. Your dont want any injuries on your properly and unsafe electrical installations.

Orange County Christmas Lighting maintenance and repairs

Once Holiday Lighting display is up, are they available to repair any problems should they come up? And they do. I have heard many stories of once the lights were up ,the installer could never be reached again.

OC Christmas Lighting Removal

After the Holidays are over the Orange County Christmas Lighting company should remove all the lights in a timely manor. Again not just drop out of site after the lights have been installed.

Illuminated Concepts Inc. has been providing complete Landscape and Outdoor Lighting services for Orange County and Southern CA since 1988.

by Chuck Evans

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Illuminated Concepts in Landscape Contractor National Magazine

Landscape Contractor National’s Best Lighting Effects

Compiled by Erik Skindrud, regional editor


Lighting Design and Landscape Architects

Lighting is a technical field that often prompts landscape architects to collaborate with lighting design specialists. For example, a landscape architect may specify the position of individual lamps on a site plan, with a lighting team making adjustments in the field based on the actual position of shrubs, trees and architectural features.

The relationship between Ohio-based landscape architect Tom Craven and lighting designer Dave Johanning exemplifies the close working relationship between the professions.

“(Dave’s) work has exceeded my expectations,” Craven recently told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “It’s great to have a true professional working on a project.”

The photos on these pages are the winning entries from LASN’s sister publication Landscape Contractor National’s annual lighting design competition. See bottom of page for more about entering your work in next year’s Best Lighting Effects contest.


Chuck Evans has been in the landscape lighting business for 19 years. Illuminated Concepts specializes in low-voltage and fiber-optic lighting design and installation. In the above top picture, lighting accents a stone walkway and planting bed at a residential project at Newport Beach, Calif. Bullet lamps up light blue point junipers that are trimmed in ornate topiary shapes. Down lights (with directing shrouds) provide soft, non-glaring area lighting, controlled with individual switches. On above bottom picture, this attractive courtyard looks ready for a performance of one of Shakespeare’s better-known plays. Down lights with shrouds and honeycomb glare filters cross-focus lights so the fountain can be viewed from the entryway and the dining room windows. Bullet lamps mounted above focus on the balcony to accent the architectural feature. Additional micro-spread accent fixtures focus on plants in pots and illuminate the stonework at the front entry

photos by Chuck Evans