Orange County Homes get unique outdoor area lighting.

Moonlighting doesn’t just mean a 2nd job. Beautiful area lighting can be achieved with an outdoor lighting effect which professional lighting designers call Moonlighting.  Moonlighting is a beautiful dappling of light and darkens on the ground which is achieved by mounting landscape lights in the branches of trees. This is a great way to create extra ambient lighting while achieving an interesting textured effect on the ground.

There are many benefits of Moonlighting for Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego homes

Increase safety in dark pathways and steps. Many times paths and steps cannot be illuminated with regular path lights. Also, it can take many fixtures to illuminate some paths and steps. Lights mounted in trees shining down on these paths and steps can eliminate hazards caused by darkness.

Area  Moonlighting can add extra ambient lighting to driveways, walkways, and lawns. Driveway and walkways work very well with Moonlighting because of the smooth surfaces and light color.  Lawns often get lost in the darkness of the evening creating a large void in the yard but Moonlighting accents the carpeting of the green surface of turf and lawns.

Security is often a concern with high-end homes. Lighting is one of the best deterrents to criminals.  If a prowler has a choice to go to a home that is well lite or a home that is in the dark, it doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out which house they are apt to go to.

One of our recent projects the client needed some security lighting so we installed Moonlighting throughout the yard which added to the overall beauty and ambient lighting without looking like a prison or car lot. We had the outdoor lighting system controlled by 2 separate timed events. From dust to midnight all the landscape and moonlighting are on and at midnight the regular landscape lighting turns off and the Moonlighting stays on till dawn.

This has been a unique and powerful lighting tool to use in transforming many beautiful Sothern CA homes and estates.


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