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Your Coto de Caza home can look like a million while $aving thousands

With the hectic life style many Coto de Caza residents have, they realize the importance of being able to come home to an environment of relaxation and peace. Many Coto home owners turn the exterior of their homes into mini-resorts. BBQ areas, outdoor kitchens, fire places and fire pits have all become part of the landscape of the “the mini-resorts of Coto.”

To fully enjoy and utilize these features it is important that the Coto Resort doesn’t fade into the darkness of night. To do this, it is essential that outdoor lighting be creatively designed and professionally installed.


“We sell effect not fixtures”


5 key benefits of professionally designed and installed  landscape lighting in Coto de Caza

We don’t just up light trees and plants …. we also:

  1. Artistically accent unique architecture features of your Coto de Caza home
  2. Illuminate BBQ and seating areas for your true Coto de Caza entertaining
  3. Expanded interior spaces by illuminating features outside glass windows and doors


4.  Increase safety and security

5.  Extend yards with our “FREE real estate lighting “  Many Coto de Caza homes have great landscape features beyond their property line. Trees on Coto de Caza Golf course, giant Great Oak trees all can be accented with landscape lighting from within the property line . What I say is…….

 “if it’s a visual asset in the day, it should be a visual asset at night”




Over the last 25 years, many of our Coto De Caza clients have increased the value and utility of their homes and yards by incorporating these lighting design features benefits.

$aving thousands with LED LIGHTING in Coto de Caza

We exclusively design and install LED outdoor lighting on all of our new projects. This new LED

lighting technology when properly designed creates the same warm effects as traditional low voltage lighting.

It doesn’t look blue and produces plenty of illumination. (see the LED section on this web sito for more helpful information on LED lighting)

Many of our clients are saving over $1000.00 per year with their new LED landscape lighting system.

  • LED lighting uses up to 80% LESS energy than traditional lighting systems
  • LED bulbs last up to 40-50,000 hours. Imagine never having to change a bulb for 21 years … WOW!
  • Save up to 80% in energy and maintenance cost
  • Only use 20% of the energy that of traditional lighting
  • Timers that automatically adjust to changing sunset times and day light savings


So if you live in Coto de Caza or any other fine community in Orange County and are considering a complete new system or just upgrades to your existing system for your Coto de Caza home, call us today for a FREE consultation. We also do LED retro-fits on some existing systems. We will never sell you anything that won’t provide you value and transform your home and yard.

Besides LED lighting installation in Coto De Caza we also Install LED landscape lighting in Newport Coast, Landscape lighting design in Laguna Hills, Laguna beach landscape lighting, Irvine, San Clemente and in Corona Del Mar

We have been installing landscape lighting in South Orange County homes since 1988

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By Chuck Evans

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