LED Landscape Lighting Installation in Diamond Bar California

This video from Illuminated Concepts Inc owner, Chuck Evans, provides examples of LED outdoor lighting applications at this Diamond Bar Home. Examples and design ideas include architectures accents, fountain lighting, palm tree lighting, and step lighting. For a free consultation for your own home of commercial property, call 949-455-9914, visit our gallery of work, or try our Interactive Lighting Designer

LED outdoor lighting installation for Orange County CA homes and businesses

LED Landscape lighting options for Irvine Orange County homes and estates

For the last 3 years we have only installed LED lighting system. What types of LED lighting is best for Landscape lighting for OC and LA homes.
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These integrated Kichler LED fixtures to illuminate this San Juan Capistrano home. Only 12.4 watts Illuminates these tall trees beyond the property ” FREE real estate lighting”

LED outdoor lighting technology has become the gold standard for quality landscape lighting systems. There are now more options for LED lighting because of the new advances in LED technology.

There are basically 2 types of LED lighting system that are being installed by professional landscape lighting companies


1. Intergraded LED lighting fixtures.

These fixtures have integrated into the fixture the LED bulbs, driver and the optics. These Type of LED fixtures are a complete unit and are very reliable and can produce a high amount of light. I have Illuminated 40 ft. palm trees with a 12.4 watt integrated Kichler landscape lighting fixture. They have a 15 year warranty on the Lamps.
LED lighting for this San Juan Capistrano home uses new LED lighting fixtures.

“FREE real estate lighting” these large trees are locate beyond the property on common areas and Illuminated from my clients yard. What I tell my clients is “ If it is an visual asset in the day it should be a visual asset at night This project is with Kichler integrated fixtures.


2. LED retrofit outdoor lighting fixtures

Many home in orange county have good quality existing fixtures. If the existing landscape lighting fixture are of a good quality copper or brass then LED landscape retrofits can be a cost effective way to make the LED transformation.
LED outdoor lighting in Laguna Hills
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This Laguna Hills home had their existing landscape lighting retrofitted to LED.

This Laguna Hills home in Orange County has had a recent LED retrofit of almost 300 fixtures. Our recent LED project have been in Shady Canyon, Laguna Niguel, Coto de Caza , Yorba Linda and Huntington beach.

By Chuck Evans

LED outdoor lighting installation in Diamond Bar

LED Landscape lighting in Diamond Bar CA

We just finished a unique LED outdoor lighting  project for the front of this custom home  in Diamond Bar CA. Some of the Key elements  of the design were to accent were lighting of the fountain , lighting of the sculptures, and accenting the 4 columns. LED lighting on this whole project only consumes about 160 watts. that’s is equivalent to 3 light bulbs for an interior table lamp.

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LED lighting to accent columns and fountainLED lighting on this whole project only consumes about 160 watts. that’s is equivalent to 3 light bulbs for an interior table lamp.LED lighting on this whole project only consumes about 160 watts. that’s is equivalent to 3 light bulbs for an interior table lamp.

This Diamond Bar LED lighting installation uses long life LED fixtures. The lamp life on most of these fixtures in 40,000 hours which is 21.9 years 5 hours per day.


By Chuck Evans

Coto de Caza LED landscape lighting design & installation since 1988

Your Coto de Caza home can look like a million while $aving thousands

With the hectic life style many Coto de Caza residents have, they realize the importance of being able to come home to an environment of relaxation and peace. Many Coto home owners turn the exterior of their homes into mini-resorts. BBQ areas, outdoor kitchens, fire places and fire pits have all become part of the landscape of the “the mini-resorts of Coto.”


Your Coto de Caza home can look like a million while $aving thousands

With the hectic life style many Coto de Caza residents have, they realize the importance of being able to come home to an environment of relaxation and peace. Many Coto home owners turn the exterior of their homes into mini-resorts. BBQ areas, outdoor kitchens, fire places and fire pits have all become part of the landscape of the “the mini-resorts of Coto.”

To fully enjoy and utilize these features it is important that the Coto Resort doesn’t fade into the darkness of night. To do this, it is essential that outdoor lighting be creatively designed and professionally installed.

“We sell effect not fixtures”

5 key benefits of professionally designed and installed  landscape lighting in Coto de Caza


We don’t just up light trees and plants …. we also:

  • Artistically accent unique architecture features of your Coto de Caza home
  • Illuminate BBQ and seating areas for your true Coto de Caza entertaining
  • Expanded interior spaces by illuminating features outside glass windows and doors
  • Increase safety and security
  • Extend yards with our “FREE real estate lighting “  Many Coto de Caza homes have great landscape features beyond their property line. Trees on Coto de Caza Golf course, giant Great Oak trees all can be accented with landscape lighting from within the property line . What I say is…….


“if it’s a visual asset in the day, it should be a visual asset at night”


Over the last 25 years, many of our Coto De Caza clients have increased the value and utility of their homes and yards by incorporating these lighting design features benefits.

$aving thousands with LED LIGHTING in Coto de Caza

We exclusively design and install LED outdoor lighting on all of our new projects. This new LED lighting technology when properly designed creates the same warm effects as traditional low voltage lighting. It doesn’t look blue and produces plenty of illumination. (see the LED section on this web sito for more helpful information on LED lighting)

Many of our clients are saving over $1000.00 per year with their new LED landscape lighting system.

  • LED lighting uses up to 80% LESS energy than traditional lighting systems
  • LED bulbs last up to 40-50,000 hours. Imagine never having to change a bulb for 21 years … WOW!
  • Save up to 80% in energy and maintenance cost
  • Only use 20% of the energy that of traditional lighting
  • Timers that automatically adjust to changing sunset times and day light savings


So if you live in Coto de Caza or any other fine community in Orange County and are considering a complete new system or just upgrades to your existing system for your Coto de Caza home, call us today for a FREE consultation. We also do LED retro-fits on some existing systems. We will never sell you anything that won’t provide you value and transform your home and yard.

Besides LED lighting installation in Coto De Caza we also Install LED landscape lighting in Newport Coast, Landscape lighting design in Laguna Hills, Laguna beach landscape lighting, Irvine, San Clemente and in Corona Del Mar

We have been installing landscape lighting in South Orange County homes since 1988

Call us Today at 949-455-9914
By Chuck Evans


Why LED outdoor lighting?


LED lighting , is an exciting area for all lighting applications. LED has made many advances over the last few years. Illuminated Concepts Inc. now designs and installs LED outdoor lighting systems on 99% of our new projects.

A common myth about LED lighting is that it produces a bluish light. This used to be the case a few years back and is still true with the large discount stores. However the fixtures we install produce pleasant warm tones. LED lights have variety of color temperatures, from warm white, with amber tones to cool white, which is a more bluish daylight color temperature.


The Pros. LED lighting only uses about 25% of energy that of a typical Landscape lighting system. This energy savings over a long period can be a substantial. Also LED lights have a very long lamp life, up to 30-40,000 hours plus. That’s more than 10 times the lamp life of typical bulbs used in outdoor lighting systems. That translates to almost 22years at 5 hours per day…..WOW….. Other benefits are LED lights produce much lower heat, use less cable and smaller transformers. Many of our clients are saving thousands of dollars or more a year in energy and maintenance cost compared to the traditional 12 volt outdoor lighting system.

See our many LED outdoor lighting posts and blogs on this site


Cons and you knew there would be some didn’t you?

They however don’t outweigh the benefits.

LED landscape lighting fixtures and retro-fit bulbs are bit more expensive than normal landscape outdoor lighting fixtures and bulbs. So this increases the upfront cost. Also there is limit to the lumen levels for LED landscape lighting. Lighting larger trees and facades of buildings smaller LED landscape lights might not be the best choice. There is however commercial LED outdoor lighting fixtures that can even change to any color imaginable and would do a great job but the cost is quite expensive. You see this type of LED lighting In Las Vegas and other large commercial buildings that want creative architectural lighting effects.



LED outdoor lighting is the future of landscape lighting


By Chuck Evans

LED landscape lighting installation for Orange County and Los Angeles homes

Why do we install LED landscape lighting for homes and business. LED landscape lighting technology has made many advances over the past decade. The hottest products in the the lighting field are with out question, LED lighting fixtures and bulbs. Now with new technology , LED outdoor lighting in Orange County now has many major advantages over traditional landscape lighting fixtures. Huge energy savings and a very long lamp life, to name a few benefits.

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Moon lighting at this Coto De Caza home brings drama and safety to the front entrance area. LED lighting offers many different design options.



1. LED lighting saves South Orange County residences up to to 80% in lighting energy costs.

LED fixtures and bulbs have a higher cost than traditional incandescent, halogen or CFL bulbs ,so the use of LED lamps does not always make economic sense. To have a beneficial ROI (return on investment) the LED lamps should be used on a regular basis for at least 3-4 hour per day. Using an LED fixtures or bulbs for a table lamp, hall light, or any other lights that are not used on a regular basis might not make economic cents (play on words). However LED lighting can reap large benefits if the the lights are turned on all night or for many hours per day. This is definitely the case for exterior landscape lighting in Orange County.Low Voltage landscape lighting Installation, low voltage lighting design, outdoor lighting contractor orange county


2. LED lighting greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Lamp replacement maintenance costs for LED is substantially less than other light sources. LED bulbs and landscape fixtures can have a lamp life from 30,000 to 50,000 hours. For and example if a LED fixtures runs every night for 6 hours this fixture will last 14-22 years…WOW. This is approximately 10 times the lamp life of other traditional light sources. In instances where maintenance and a bulb replacement are difficult or costly, it makes sense to use LED lamp sources. Some example are very high ceilings, exterior roof or facade illumination and underwater lighting. Getting safe access to some these location very often is impractical and requires special lifts or scaffolding.

3. LED lights are smaller in size produce much less heat.

LED lights sources are much smaller and cooler than traditional lights sources. These smaller and cooler fixtures, broaden the scope of illumination applications

4. Being green and environmentally conscious.

LED light sources are much more environmentally friendly than traditional lighting fixtures. First, the 80% energy savings, Secondly the 10 fold reduction in lamp replacements has a significant beneficial impact in on our environment. Also what is being touted as environmentally friendly CFL ( compact florescent lamps, the the twisted glass looking bulbs) actually contain toxic mercury and lead, hmmm are these bulbs environmentally friendly?

LED lighting myths—BUSTED

Practical uses for LED outdoor lighting in Orange County and LA

  1. Orange county landscape and outdoor lighting fixtures operate on a daily basis for 6-12 hrs per day.
  2. Interior lighting that is used on a regular basis in which the energy savings can justify the LED cost.
  3. Kitchens and places of energy restrictions due to new building codes.
  4. Fixtures that are hard or almost impossible to access , Very high ceilings, exterior towers and facades, underwater or fountain lights.
  5. Locations where small size of fixture and wires are critical.
  6. Locations where the excessive heat of traditional incandescent or halogen fixtures would create hazards or damage property.
  7. Any locations where being environmentally conscious is important. Copy (2) of Copy of jone BBQ umbreall resize


Illuminated Concepts Inc. specializes in the design and installation of LED outdoor lighting system in Orange County and in LA. We will provide you with a custom LED lighting design that will truly enhance your home, while saving you thousands of dollars in energy and maintenance costs over the life of the system. Some of the locations that have benefited from our LED outdoor lighting are Newport Coast, Shady Canyon,Coto De Caza, South Orange County ,San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Beach,Irvine, New Port Beach, Yorba Linda, and San Clemente. Call us today and schedule a free outdoor lighting consultation and evaluation.


By Chuck Evans

3 LED Outdoor Lighting Myths Busted

3 LED Outdoor Lighting Myths Busters

Myth #1 a  bluish light which is unflattering and cold looking.


LED lighting technology can actually produce any color imaginable. Today’s TVs are made from LEDs. Illuminated Concepts uses LED landscape lighting fixtures that produce warm color tones, enhancing stone and brick. People also look more natural in this pleasant warm light.


Myth #2 LED outdoor lighting cannot produce the Lumens (light output) that traditional outdoor landscape lighting fixtures can.


LED lighting is now being used to light up high rise buildings, bridges and monuments. The high lumen output and versatility of color control make LED outdoor lighting technology a perfect choice for these applications. LED lighting is now used extensively in stage lighting. I wish they had LED lighting back when I was doing stage lighting in N.Y.


Myth #3 LED landscape lighting is more expensive than a 12 volt landscape lighting system.

A 12 volt landscape lighting system will never pay for itself, yet LED landscape lighting can. The 80% electrical and maintenance savings quite often offset the entire cost of an LED outdoor lighting system. Also since LED landscape lighting is so efficient, fewer transformers and less cable are needed, thus reducing installation costs.

By Chuck Evans