Moonlighting vs security lighting for your Orange County home

Orange County Homes get unique outdoor area lighting.

Moonlighting doesn’t just mean a 2nd job. Beautiful area lighting can be achieved with an outdoor lighting effect which professional lighting designers call Moonlighting.  Moonlighting is a beautiful dappling of light and darkens on the ground which is achieved by mounting landscape lights in the branches of trees. This is a great way to create extra ambient lighting while achieving an interesting textured effect on the ground.

There are many benifits of Moonlighting for Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego homes

Increase safety in dark pathways and steps. Many times paths and steps cannot be illuminated with regular path lights. Also, it can take many fixtures to illuminate some paths and steps. Lights mounted in trees shining down on these paths and steps can eliminate hazards caused by darkness.

Area  Moonlighting can add extra ambient lighting to driveways, walkways, and lawns. Driveway and walkways work very well with Moonlighting because of the smooth surfaces and light color.  Lawns often get lost in the darkness of the evening creating a large void in the yard but Moonlighting accents the carpeting of the green surface of turf and lawns.

Security is often a concern with high-end homes. Lighting is one of the best deterrents to criminals.  If a prowler has a choice to go to a home that is well lite or a home that is in the dark, it doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out which house they are apt to go to.  

One of our recent projects the client needed some security lighting so we installed Moonlighting throughout the yard which added to the overall beauty and ambient lighting without looking like a prison or car lot. We had the outdoor lighting system controlled by 2 separate timed events. From dust to midnight all the landscape and moonlighting are on and at midnight the regular landscape lighting turns off and the Moonlighting stays on till dawn. 

This has been a unique and powerful lighting tool to use in transforming many beautiful Sothern CA homes and estates.


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This home in Tustin, Calif., had an existing lighting system that was poorly designed but had many high quality brass and copper fixtures that could be retrofitted to LED and repurposed in a new design by Chuck Evans, owner of Illuminated Concepts. The project also included many additional fixtures to illuminate key landscape features that previously were lost in darkness. Illuminated Concepts installed the entire system.

Lightcraft FL-105-B “Big Smokys” downlight sitting areas and provide moon lighting throughout the project. Their adjustable shrouds help eliminate glare from the fixtures. The path lights are Corona PL8 fixtures from Auroralight.

Kichler LED integrated bullet lights, 15741-BBR, 8.4-watt with 10-degree spots, were used to accent the very interesting curved palm going over pool. Two of the spots illuminate the top of the palm from either side. The large palms were uplit by 15752-BBR 12.4-watt fixtures with a 35-degree flood, which were also used to extend the yard by illuminating trees beyond it. Evans calls the technique “free real estate lighting.”

Chuck Evans, the owner of Illuminated Concepts Inc., has had a diverse career in terms of lighting disciplines and geography: from concert and stage production lighting in New York to holiday, landscape and architectural lighting in Southern California.

It is there that he premiered his Laguna Hills company in 1988 to provide design and installation services to homes and businesses. Presently, Illuminated Concepts includes four installers and an office manager. Evans does most of the sales and design work for the company.

He proudly states that since 2011, they have worked exclusively with LED landscape lighting systems. “LED technology has been a game changer for the outdoor lighting industry,” Evans says. “I was a little hesitant to get into the market because of the initial cost of fixtures but when I set up my own LED savings spreadsheet, I couldn’t ignore the huge economic and environmental savings. Once I was sold, it was easy to sell LED lighting to my clients.”

He has found that his customers save around 80 percent on electricity costs, and save more money since the fixtures and lamps last up to 20 times longer than their halogen counterparts.

Evans’ stage lighting background has helped shape his landscape lighting philosophy. As he describes it, “I tell my clients that we don’t sell fixtures, we sell effects.”

A Real Crowd-Pleaser
A home in Tustin, Calif., shows off Illuminated Concepts’ ability to effect a landscape transformation through their lighting talent. The residence had an existing landscape lighting system that was in desperate need of attention, turning this project into a major redesign and upgrade.

The 8.4-watt bullet lights with 10-Degree spots were also used to make the water feature pop. SPJ 14-02 bullet lights retrofitted to LED illuminate other landscape features.

Accenting the texture of the stone veneer on the raised planter walls are Laguna Lightcraft step lights S-101s. LED retrofitted Mariner SL16 and Calypso SK11 bullets help uplight the trees.

The front and back yards have a tropical resort backdrop but the custom rockscape and specimen palms got lost at night due to the poor original lighting design and the lack of alterations to that design as the landscape grew and changed.

“Usually the original design is not done by a professional lighting firm and many key elements are missing,” Evans says. “When I see a project with lighting already installed I almost always suggest changes to accent the unique features of that property.”

Fortunately for Evans, the existing lighting system had many high quality brass and copper fixtures that could be retrofitted to LED and re-purposed, which he suggested to his customer who agreed.�Evans also recommended enhancing the design by adding many more fixtures to light up the missing key elements.

So after redesigning the system and performing a full maintenance and retrofit of the usable fixtures, Illuminated Concepts handled the installation. The new and retrofitted fixtures totaled 119 in the front yard and 131 in the backyard. This included new bullet lights from Kichler and Lightcraft, and wall lights from Laguna Lighting, a company that Evans is developing. Existing fixtures included bullet lights from SPJ, bullet and path lights from Auroralight.

One other task was to deactivate most of an extensive fiber optic system, which was now pointless since the enhanced lighting would overpower the low lumen fiber lighting. However some fiber projectors that illuminated stairs were maintained so that they could remain operational.

Bonus Features
As a service to all his customers, Evans provides a spreadsheet that breaks down how much money they will save by switching to an LED system. This homeowner’s annual savings in reduced electrical and maintenance costs will be over $5,000 a year by Evans’ calculation.

On top of that, the long life of the LED lamps saves money when compared to halogen lamps, which have to be replaced much more often. He figures that over the life of this system, that would amount to 3,750 lamps. Evans likes to employ a technique he calls “free real estate lighting,” which is illuminating trees beyond the yard to essentially extend the yard. In this instance he employed Kichler 15752-BBR 12.4-watt bullet lights with 35-degree floods to do the job.

A crew of three installers and a project manager completed the entire job in two stages. The backyard took about 2 1/2 weeks. After an intermission of a few months, during which the homeowner assessed their performance, they were brought back for an encore and worked 1 1/2 weeks to brighten the front yard.

Evans reports that no special equipment was involved but the installation did make use of Spears dry splice connectors, which are typically used in irrigation installations, to create solid wire connections that are sealed from the elements. Besides the size of the project, the biggest challenge was burying the lighting cable, which was made more time consuming by all the roots present due to the maturity of the plants.

The final production received excellent reviews, as the creative and technical efforts of Illuminated Concepts turned out results that really put on a show.

San Clemente home gets outdoor landscape lighting installation

This beautiful San Clemente home located at Sea Point Estates needed a landscape lighting over hall for the upcoming wedding reception. Illuminated Concepts Inc. Utilized existing brass landscape lighting fixtures. We also added approximately 50 new brass fixtures to properly accent the unique architectural and landscape features
of this fine home.

LED retrofits are a great choice vs. installing an entire new lighting system.


We can maintain, repair, convert to LED and move existing fixtures to proper locations.

I have found that most existing lighting system have not been installed by lighting professional so the are often huge design gaps in existing outdoor landscape lighting system.

We can add to new fixtures existing landscape lighting system and this will totally transform the look. I can save my clients thousands of dollars with this LED retrofit and fixture addition plan.

Why through away quality brass and copper fixtures when they can be upgraded to LED.


This project had to be ready for and upcoming wedding reception for almost 200 people. I asked my client how the wedding went and he said “the lights was exquisite and the guest raved about the lighting”

This is why I am in this business.

LED Landscape Lighting Installation in Diamond Bar California

This video from Illuminated Concepts Inc owner, Chuck Evans, provides examples of LED outdoor lighting applications at this Diamond Bar Home. Examples and design ideas include architectures accents, fountain lighting, palm tree lighting, and step lighting. For a free consultation for your own home of commercial property, call 949-455-9914, visit our gallery of work, or try our Interactive Lighting Designer

LED outdoor lighting installation for Orange County CA homes and businesses

LED Landscape lighting options for Irvine Orange County homes and estates

For the last 3 years we have only installed LED lighting system. What types of LED lighting is best for Landscape lighting for OC and LA homes.
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These integrated Kichler LED fixtures to illuminate this San Juan Capistrano home. Only 12.4 watts Illuminates these tall trees beyond the property ” FREE real estate lighting”

LED outdoor lighting technology has become the gold standard for quality landscape lighting systems. There are now more options for LED lighting because of the new advances in LED technology.

There are basically 2 types of LED lighting system that are being installed by professional landscape lighting companies


1. Intergraded LED lighting fixtures.

These fixtures have integrated into the fixture the LED bulbs, driver and the optics. These Type of LED fixtures are a complete unit and are very reliable and can produce a high amount of light. I have Illuminated 40 ft. palm trees with a 12.4 watt integrated Kichler landscape lighting fixture. They have a 15 year warranty on the Lamps.
LED lighting for this San Juan Capistrano home uses new LED lighting fixtures.

“FREE real estate lighting” these large trees are locate beyond the property on common areas and Illuminated from my clients yard. What I tell my clients is “ If it is an visual asset in the day it should be a visual asset at night This project is with Kichler integrated fixtures.


2. LED retrofit outdoor lighting fixtures

Many home in orange county have good quality existing fixtures. If the existing landscape lighting fixture are of a good quality copper or brass then LED landscape retrofits can be a cost effective way to make the LED transformation.
LED outdoor lighting in Laguna Hills
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This Laguna Hills home had their existing landscape lighting retrofitted to LED.

This Laguna Hills home in Orange County has had a recent LED retrofit of almost 300 fixtures. Our recent LED project have been in Shady Canyon, Laguna Niguel, Coto de Caza , Yorba Linda and Huntington beach.

By Chuck Evans

LED outdoor lighting installation in Diamond Bar

LED Landscape lighting in Diamond Bar CA

We just finished a unique LED outdoor lighting  project for the front of this custom home  in Diamond Bar CA. Some of the Key elements  of the design were to accent were lighting of the fountain , lighting of the sculptures, and accenting the 4 columns. LED lighting on this whole project only consumes about 160 watts. that’s is equivalent to 3 light bulbs for an interior table lamp.

LED landscape lighting, lighting contractor LA, lighting contractor Orange county, outdoor lighting repairs,

LED lighting to accent columns and fountainLED lighting on this whole project only consumes about 160 watts. that’s is equivalent to 3 light bulbs for an interior table lamp.LED lighting on this whole project only consumes about 160 watts. that’s is equivalent to 3 light bulbs for an interior table lamp.

This Diamond Bar LED lighting installation uses long life LED fixtures. The lamp life on most of these fixtures in 40,000 hours which is 21.9 years 5 hours per day.


By Chuck Evans

Coto de Caza LED landscape lighting design & installation since 1988

Your Coto de Caza home can look like a million while $aving thousands

With the hectic life style many Coto de Caza residents have, they realize the importance of being able to come home to an environment of relaxation and peace. Many Coto home owners turn the exterior of their homes into mini-resorts. BBQ areas, outdoor kitchens, fire places and fire pits have all become part of the landscape of the “the mini-resorts of Coto.”


Your Coto de Caza home can look like a million while $aving thousands

With the hectic life style many Coto de Caza residents have, they realize the importance of being able to come home to an environment of relaxation and peace. Many Coto home owners turn the exterior of their homes into mini-resorts. BBQ areas, outdoor kitchens, fire places and fire pits have all become part of the landscape of the “the mini-resorts of Coto.”

To fully enjoy and utilize these features it is important that the Coto Resort doesn’t fade into the darkness of night. To do this, it is essential that outdoor lighting be creatively designed and professionally installed.

“We sell effect not fixtures”

5 key benefits of professionally designed and installed  landscape lighting in Coto de Caza


We don’t just up light trees and plants …. we also:

  • Artistically accent unique architecture features of your Coto de Caza home
  • Illuminate BBQ and seating areas for your true Coto de Caza entertaining
  • Expanded interior spaces by illuminating features outside glass windows and doors
  • Increase safety and security
  • Extend yards with our “FREE real estate lighting “  Many Coto de Caza homes have great landscape features beyond their property line. Trees on Coto de Caza Golf course, giant Great Oak trees all can be accented with landscape lighting from within the property line . What I say is…….


“if it’s a visual asset in the day, it should be a visual asset at night”


Over the last 25 years, many of our Coto De Caza clients have increased the value and utility of their homes and yards by incorporating these lighting design features benefits.

$aving thousands with LED LIGHTING in Coto de Caza

We exclusively design and install LED outdoor lighting on all of our new projects. This new LED lighting technology when properly designed creates the same warm effects as traditional low voltage lighting. It doesn’t look blue and produces plenty of illumination. (see the LED section on this web sito for more helpful information on LED lighting)

Many of our clients are saving over $1000.00 per year with their new LED landscape lighting system.

  • LED lighting uses up to 80% LESS energy than traditional lighting systems
  • LED bulbs last up to 40-50,000 hours. Imagine never having to change a bulb for 21 years … WOW!
  • Save up to 80% in energy and maintenance cost
  • Only use 20% of the energy that of traditional lighting
  • Timers that automatically adjust to changing sunset times and day light savings


So if you live in Coto de Caza or any other fine community in Orange County and are considering a complete new system or just upgrades to your existing system for your Coto de Caza home, call us today for a FREE consultation. We also do LED retro-fits on some existing systems. We will never sell you anything that won’t provide you value and transform your home and yard.

Besides LED lighting installation in Coto De Caza we also Install LED landscape lighting in Newport Coast, Landscape lighting design in Laguna Hills, Laguna beach landscape lighting, Irvine, San Clemente and in Corona Del Mar

We have been installing landscape lighting in South Orange County homes since 1988

Call us Today at 949-455-9914
By Chuck Evans


Why LED outdoor lighting?


LED lighting , is an exciting area for all lighting applications. LED has made many advances over the last few years. Illuminated Concepts Inc. now designs and installs LED outdoor lighting systems on 99% of our new projects.

A common myth about LED lighting is that it produces a bluish light. This used to be the case a few years back and is still true with the large discount stores. However the fixtures we install produce pleasant warm tones. LED lights have variety of color temperatures, from warm white, with amber tones to cool white, which is a more bluish daylight color temperature.


The Pros. LED lighting only uses about 25% of energy that of a typical Landscape lighting system. This energy savings over a long period can be a substantial. Also LED lights have a very long lamp life, up to 30-40,000 hours plus. That’s more than 10 times the lamp life of typical bulbs used in outdoor lighting systems. That translates to almost 22years at 5 hours per day…..WOW….. Other benefits are LED lights produce much lower heat, use less cable and smaller transformers. Many of our clients are saving thousands of dollars or more a year in energy and maintenance cost compared to the traditional 12 volt outdoor lighting system.

See our many LED outdoor lighting posts and blogs on this site


Cons and you knew there would be some didn’t you?

They however don’t outweigh the benefits.

LED landscape lighting fixtures and retro-fit bulbs are bit more expensive than normal landscape outdoor lighting fixtures and bulbs. So this increases the upfront cost. Also there is limit to the lumen levels for LED landscape lighting. Lighting larger trees and facades of buildings smaller LED landscape lights might not be the best choice. There is however commercial LED outdoor lighting fixtures that can even change to any color imaginable and would do a great job but the cost is quite expensive. You see this type of LED lighting In Las Vegas and other large commercial buildings that want creative architectural lighting effects.



LED outdoor lighting is the future of landscape lighting


By Chuck Evans

Repair landscape lighting in Orange County

Orange County low voltage lighting repairs and maintenance requires an experienced lighting professional.

Is your outdoor lighting system tired?

shady canyon, newport coast, san juan capistrano, coto de caza, lighting repairs, low voltage repairs, malibu lighting repairs

suffering from neglect?

Illuminated Concepts Inc. has been repairing and maintaining landscape and outdoor lighting systems in Orange County since 1988. If your outdoor low voltage lighting system is  need of repairs, trouble shooting or a complete overhaul our trained lighting technicians will bring you home back to light. We have seen it all. Outdoor lighting is an exterior optical system that should be regularly maintained .

Outdoor lighting systems in Coto De Caza, San Clemente, Laguna Hills, San Juan Capistrano and New Port Beach should be of a high quality. Only a professional   outdoor lighting system can truly enhance  the landscape and architectural features of the home and yard.


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Cover of Landscape Contractors Magazine

Regular outdoor low voltage lighting repairs and maintenance  keeps your orange county retreat looking great all year long.

Many old low voltage lighting systems are Malibu lights that came form the Home Depot or other large box stores and  simply don’t perform well and are always in need of repairs and bulb replacements.


South Orange county . LED lighting, repairs, LED upgrades, lighting maintenance, Coto de caza , Laguna Beach, Newport Coast, installation contractor

What would you think if your landscape light bulbs lasted up to 20 YEARS ?

That would be typical for most normal LED outdoor lighting applications.

Low voltage lighting repairs, landscape lighting repairs in Orange county, outdoor lighting repairs in south orange County

Garage down lighting and landscape up lighting on this South Orange County home


  • Landscape lighting design for homes in Orange County, LA and San Diego
  • Outdoor lighting installation for homes and businesses in Orange County, LA and San Diego
  • Light repairs for Orange County homes and businesses
  • Interior art lighting

Orange county communities that Illuminated Concepts Inc.  has proudly serviced since 1988

Aliso Viejo, Anaheim, South Orange County, Newport Coast, Brea, Costa Mesa, Corona Del Mar, Coto De Caza, Dove Canyon, Fullerton< Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Huntington Harbor, Ladera Ranch, Lake Forest, Newport Coast, Laguna hills Mission Viejo, Monarch Beach, Portola Hills, Anaheim hills, Santa Anna San Clemente, Telega, Tustin, Villa Park, Yorba Linda, Laguna Beach,

by Chuck Evans