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Chuck Evans the founder and owner of  Illuminated Concepts Inc. a Landscape lighting company started his lighting career in N.Y. His first lighting endeavor was back in 1976 when he wrote and produced 2 Jazz-rock ballets, called “Journey ” and ” The Crossing”. For these 2 shows he also designed and built  special effects such as Laser’s effects synced to the show’s music, pyrotechnical flashes and special innovative projections.

The musical director  of these  2 Jazz-rock ballets and good friend, started playing in different venues in the N.Y. area and he needed creative stage lighting for his shows. Chuck was in college at the time, had very limited resources so he decided to build a stage lighting system from scratch. This was a good learning experience in the machine shop but the homemade lighting fixtures did not cut the grade for a live production. Shortly after that first show ,Chuck put together some funds and bought  new stage lighting fixtures . He then  started renting lighting systems to bands and clubs in the N.Y. area.

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Chuck running stage lighting in NY 1986

His company Ignatius Lighting Systems, provided lighting for many shows in the N.Y. area .These productions included Long Island Philharmonic ,the annual Paper Bag show, which was a 40-piece rock band, which is now in it 25Th season, local bands and national acts. Chuck also used his stage lighting experience to provide creative lighting to corporate events and large festive gatherings. This stage of his career also did some professional photo shoots for various projects.

During that time, Chuck was also the stage manager for the Long Island Philharmonic. Some of these shows consisted of  single stage show of  270 person orchestra / Choir and various outdoor concerts. He also produced 2 fundraising Gala Balls for the LI Philharmonic. In 1986 Chuck moved to Southern California and started to work for Audio Visual Headquarters where he ran various technical shows for major conventions and events. These shows took place  in major  hotels like Westin Bonaventure in Downtown LA  and the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel.

The start of the Landscape Lighting services in 1989

In the fall of 1988 Chuck decided to start Illuminated Concepts Inc. (ICI). ICI started by designing and installing Christmas lighting displays for homes and business in Southern California.Christmas lighting, outdoor lighting,landscape lighting,Low Voltage landscape lighting Installation, low voltage lighting design, lighting installation At this time there were very few companies supplying this type of Christmas lighting service.  One year ICI did over 320 Holiday lighting installations in 45 day period. After the first Christmas lighting season Chuck launched the landscape lighting division of ICI. At that time there were only 3 Landscape lighting manufacturer who produced professional residential outdoor lighting equipment. Landscape lighting was just starting to gain recognition as an important and necessary element in the landscape environment. Now there may be 100 manufacturers of outdoor landscape lighting.

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Illuminated Concepts Inc. after 25 years is still providing creative and state of the landscape lighting designs and professional installation. While many companies have come and gone Illuminated Concepts Inc. is here to stay. Chuck is always researching and experimenting with different innovative landscape lighting products and even has a couple inventions he is working on.

Illuminated Concepts Inc. now offers

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